About Us

Punit Handa & Associates was formed in June, 2006 with the basic object and with the vision of providing a complete business solutions to the corporate sector. It has been established with a goal of providing a one stop solutions for any problems relating to legal corporate sector. At Punit Handa & Associates, our motto is providing quality services with aim of customer satisfaction at the right time and at reasonable prices.

Our goal is to offer legal advice at the highest level on a few select areas of law in a personal environment.

We provide comprehensive assistance with all aspects of corporate transactions. We aim to give our clients exactly what they require. This often means building teams of professionals from different practice areas based in different countries. Our people are of exceptional vision and commitment. They also have a strong sense of initiative, a clear focus and remarkable integrity. Sound business decisions are based on fact. All factors must be carefully weighed up. At the end of the day, you need to know you have made a balanced, informed decision. With us, you know you have. Leveraging our extensive experience, exhaustive resources and in-depth knowledge, we help you chart a fail-safe course. Without losing sight of the big picture, we leave no stone unturned making sure everything fits perfectly into place.


Vision & Mission

Advocate Punit Handa, we strive to be the leading law firm in Gurgaon, setting a benchmark for excellence in legal services. Our unwavering commitment is to become a trusted and reliable partner, dedicated to safeguarding our clients' rights, achieving their goals, and making a positive impact on the legal community and society. We aspire to be renowned for upholding the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and ethical conduct, while providing innovative and impactful legal solutions.

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